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Asphalt roads displaying light cracking and minor surface aging can be maintained as described on our "Asphalt Rejuvenators" page. The process described on this page is designed to restore asphalt roads with more severe cracking and surface problems. County, City and private road departments can postpone for years more expensive repairs with a recycled asphalt seal. Our process eliminates water intrusion into the road cracks and can be reapplied over time to save the road for many years.

Aging asphalt roads and tar/gravel roads can be treated with Pavegaard Rejuvenation Sealer and asphalt millings to repair alligator and block type cracking and restore a smooth driving surface.  Our process is an alternative to removing and replacing the asphalt road. The process can be repeated every two to four years for additional years of road life.

Our restoration process includes applying the Pavegaard with a distributor truck and spreading finely milled recycled asphalt in layers. Our Pavegaard rejuvenator penetrates the old asphalt surface and combines with the milled asphalt to create a new driving surface and fill cracks.  

​Restores Cracked Asphalt

Save Cracked Asphalt Roads From Expensive Paving Repairs

Asphalt Restoration