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Asphalt Rejuvenators

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Restores Aged Asphalt

Stretch Your Road Budget by Repairing Instead of Overlaying

Rejuvenating sealer (type B) is an emulsion of selected petroleum resins and asphaltenes.  The sealer is applied to asphalt to repair surface aging problems and fill light cracks. The emulsion penetrates and rejuvenates aging asphalt, sealing it from weather. Asphalt is restored for two to four years and follow up applications can be applied for continued pavement maintenance.

The sealer is diluted with water and applied by distributor truck to the pavement surface.  This process will fill small to medium cracks and seal the driving surface.  A light amount of sand is then applied, followed by drag broom and sweeping clean of excess sand.  The road is then reopened for traffic.


Preserves Asphalt Roads

Double The Life of Asphalt Roads and Parking Lots

Rejuvenating agent (type A) formulated from selected petroleum maltene fractions, it is applied to asphalt pavements to delay the aging process and restore plasticity and ductility.  It will provide three to seven years of extended pavement life.

Prior to application, testing is done to determine the rate of application.  The rejuvenator is diluted with water and applied by distributor truck to the pavement surface.  Following the distributor application, a light amount of sand is applied.  The sanded road is dragged with a broom attachment and excess sand is removed.  The road is reopened to traffic.

B & B Oil Company is a full-service applicator of asphalt rejuvenators.  A maintenance  program using Pavepreserve can extend the life of County, City, and Private roads and airport asphalt by many years postponing expensive asphalt repairs. Roads can be maintained in good condition indefinitely by replacing the oils stripped out by weather and sun light.