Aging asphalt roads with more severe cracking and surface damage are restored using liquid rejuvenator in combination with recycled milled asphalt.  Liquid rejuvenator is sprayed onto the road surface and into the cracks.  Milled asphalt is broomed into the road for a complete seal.  


Asphalt roads are sealed by 1st applying the rejuvenator with a distributor truck; 2nd the treated lane is lightly sanded; 3rd the sand is broomed into the seal and the excess is swept from the roadway, allowing traffic to resume.  The road has been restored to look like new and may be restriped.

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Park and private unpaved roads that are treated with our dust control and soil stabilization material experience highly improved driving surfaces.

Unpaved roads are sealed with rejuvenator and recycled asphalt millings to solve dust, mud, and erosion.  Dirt and rock roads become far more stable.

Mines and Industrial facilities are treated for dust and mud for safe and healthier work environments.

Unpaved City and County roads are treated with B & B Oil's dust control liquid improving conditions for homeowners.