Emulsion sealer provides effective, clean, safe and affordable control of airborne dust and protection against soil erosion for state, county, township and city roads, as well as quarries, mines, truck terminals, steel mills, lumber yards and numerous other areas where dust control is essential.

​The dispersants and wetting agents in our road emulsion readily penetrate soils, while binding agents effectively hold particles together to prevent them from becoming airborne.

Unpaved road and parking lots and industrial yards are first graded to remove potholes and ruts.  Dust control material is diluted with water and applied by spray truck until driving surfaces are saturated. Drying time is several hours. Ultra Bond resins build up in the soil and rock. With continued use the road or industrial yard will become more and more stable developing a pavement like surface. Ultra Bond is environmentally clean and safe for use near streams and wetland areas.
Dust Control and Soil Stabilization

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Ultra Bond

Seals Dirt Roads

Full Service Liquid Dust Control for Roads and Industrial Yards

Dirt road surface  is greatly Improved.

​​B & B Oil Company is a full-service applicator of Ultra Bond. We offer spraying of the dust control liquid on any size road or industrial yard that is experiencing dust and erosion problems.

Our fleet of trucks can deliver our dust control liquid in bulk or drums. The B & B Oil Company staff can design a cost effective dust control program, train a customer's employee to  effectively mix and apply the dust control material and aid a customer in designing a spray truck or trailer.

  • Non-flammable
  • Non-irritating
  • Non-corrosive
  • Elimates dust
  • Effective with all soil type - even sandy soils
  • Proven environmentally safe
  • No need to close roads to traffic
  • Eliminates the concern over the harmful environmental effects typically associated with  the use of asphaltic based products, waste oils or salt based products.